Entrepreneurship in Belgium

BusinessWeek online published on July 11, 2006 an interesting paper from Ann Mettler, executive director and co-founder of The Lisbon Council. Mettler vows Europeans must embrace Entrepreneurship. Abandoning the "cliché of class warfare", they will have to learn to court risk in order for the Continent's sluggish economies to prosper.

According to a recent Eurobarometer survey, Belgians prefer employee status (58 %) while Americans opt for self-employed status (61 %). The major reasons are : (1) social security (25%), (2) regular, fixed income versus irregular, variable income (17%), (3) stability of employment (16%).

"Suddenly, politicians across Europe seem to be banking on entrepreneurs to solve the Continent's perennial problem of low growth and mass unemployment" Mettler quotes.

But the key impediment to entrepreneurship in Europe looks like to be cultural "preferring economic incumbents, big brands, linear career paths, and unforgiving attitude towards failure".

The political class (especially education leaders) has to pay more attention to the young people who are the backbone of every successful economy. Including an entrepreneurship culture in the education curricula is no more a nice to have but becomes a must to succeed.

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