Science / Business news service point of view regarding the Seventh Framework Program (FP7)

As reported by Cordis news (Oct.10, 2006), Science / Business news service has launched a nine-point innovation manifesto intended to cut to the heart of where Europe is going wrong with its innovation efforts.

It includes recommendations on technology transfer offices, seed investment, fiscal incentives and patents.

In his introduction to the manifesto, Richard Hudson, editor and CEO of Science / Business, questions whether the next 'round of tech subsidies' - the Seventh Framework Program (FP7) - with its bigger budget, will be able to bridge the gap between the laboratory and the market place.

The manifesto states, among other recommendations, that technology transfer offices (TTO's) should be empowered in order to increase their revenue. Today, European TTO's make only 5% of the revenue made by their US counterparts.

This recommendation is in perfect accordance with those I already proposed. See Implementing Innovation Management in an University Technology Transfer Office, 2005.

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