The Greatest Innovations of All Time

Larry Keeley of Doblin Inc. nominates the innovations that have most improved safety, living standards, and quality of life. His choices may surprise. All-time-great innovations ranked by Doblin planners are :

 1. Weapons
 2. Mathematics and the number zero
 3. Money
 4. Printing
 5. Free markets and capital markets
 6. Domesticated animals and agriculture
 7. Property ownership
 8. Limited liability
 9. Participatory democracy
10. Anesthetics and surgery
11. Vaccines and antibiotics
12. Semiconductors
13. The Internet
14. Genetic sequencing
15. Containerized shipping

As pointed out by Larry " you may well disagree with these selections... For the moment I would rather note how very surprising this list is and to try to understand the lessons it offers to anyone who wants to innovate today ".

Source : Businessweek.com, February 16, 2007.

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