Brand valuation of Brussels

Although Belgium didn’t perform well in the Nations Brand Index (fifteenth position rank with a brand valuation estimated at US$ 456 billion in 2005[1]), Brussels outperformed itself in the first-ever Cities Brand Index (CBI) of major international cities. The Anholt CBI found that New York and Los Angeles rank in the top ten, gaining high marks among global citizens. But Brussels had a higher recognition level than most European cities, with the exception of Rome, London and Paris. Recently the minister of Budget of the Brussels-Capital Region claims the brand valuation of Brussels at US$ 340 billion [2].


Although the valuation methodology is not the same and should not be compared, the top three industrial brands are far lower than cities : Coca-Cola with US$ 67 billion, Microsoft with US$ 56.9 billion and IBM with US$ 56.2 billion [3].


The Belgian airline companies took advantage of the high Brussel’s brand valuation. After the Belgian national carrier collapse (SABENA stood for Société Anonyme Belge d'Exploitation de la Navigation Aérienne), the new carrier took the name of SN Brussels Airlines. In January 2007, the regional Antwerp airport (Flanders) name was changed form ''Antwerp International Airport'' to ''Antwerp Brussels-North Airport' preferring the word “Brussels-North” in place of “International” ! Several decades ago, one of the regional Walloon airports, did the same by choosing “Brussels-South Charleroi Airport” as name.

Logical since " Flanders or Wallonia don't exist in branding terms " says Anholt[4].


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