The Most And Least Profitable Businesses To Start

With the help of Sageworks, a Raleigh, N.C.-based private-company data provider, Forbes.com has assembled a list of the 10 most and least profitable businesses--on a pretax basis--that aspiring entrepreneurs might hope to launch. Average pretax profits ranged from a juicy 25% to a knee-wobbling negative 7%

Most profitable
Least profitable
1.Accounting Services1.Community Care Facilities
2.Legal Services2."Other Support" Services
3.Dental Services3.Beverage Manufacturing
4.Specialized Design Services4.Real Estate Related Services
5."Other" Health Practitioners5.Bakeries And Tortilla Manufacturing
6.Outpatient Care Centers6.Amusement and Recreation Services
7.Insurance Brokers7.Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing
8.Physicians' Offices8.Specialty Retailers
9.Medical And Diagnostic Labs9.Beer, Wine And Liquor Retailers
10.Depository Credit Intermediation10.Travelers' Accommodations

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Lead Market Initiative for Europe

Lead Market Initiative for EuropeOn the basis of intense stakeholder consultations, six markets have been identified against a set of objective criteria : 

  • e-Health,
  • Protective textiles,
  • Sustainable construction,
  • Recycling,
  • Bio-based products,
  • Renewable energies.

These markets are highly innovative, respond to customers’ needs, have a strong technological and industrial base in Europe and depend more than other markets on the creation of favourable framework conditions through public policy measures. For each market, a plan of actions for the next 3-5 years has been formulated. The European citizens will benefit both from the positive impact on growth and employment (the identified areas could represent three million jobs and 300 billion EUR by 2020) and from the access to enhanced goods and services of high societal value.

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