Brussels-Capital Region ranked first for HRSTC in Europe

The stock of human resources in science and technology (HRST) can be used as an indicator of the development of the knowledge-based economy in the EU. The core group of this population — known as HRSTC — can be considered as active stakeholders in the development of knowledge and technological innovation. This core group is often well represented in capital regions.

In the 2006 regions ranking with the largest shares of HRSTC among the regional labour force in 2006, Oslo og Akershus (NO) was the region with the highest proportion of HRSTC (33%) among the regional labour force. Stockholm (SE), Province Brabant Wallon (BE), Inner London (UK) and Utrecht (NL) followed with shares of between 27% and 28%. Thirteen of the 25 leading regions were capital regions. Belgian regions were more strongly represented than others.

Considering all economic sectors, the leading region in 2006 was Brussels-Capital Region (BE) with 29.1%. Berlin (DE) and Île de France (FR) followed with shares of 28.3%. In fact, the top eight regions were all capital regions.

More on Highly educated persons in science and technology occupations, Eurostat, 43/2008.