GETYOO's Clickey at BetaGroup Brussels Oct. 21 at the Mirano

BetaGroup Brussels is an informal gathering of entrepreneurs passionate about internet, software and online media in the Brussels area.

Next meeting will be a special event on Wednesday October 21th at 6:30 PM at the Mirano, Brussels : Getyoo will launch the CLIKEY, the missing link between social networks and real people.

Getyoo is an open, web-based social network platform where people can easily exchange information about each other, products, music, tokens, coupons… the list is endless. The novelty of Getyoo is that it is designed to be fed by Clickey’s, information exchange devices based on Near Field Communication.

Attend the event : please book free ticket >>

Getyoo is a privately-funded startup based in Brussels, Belgium. The company was founded in April 2009 by two young Belgian entrepreneurs, Geoffroy Simon and Alexis Tinel. The company combines creativity, innovation and technological leadership to create a product-based service that connects people and collects information in the real life that is then used and shared through a web-based community. Getyoo’s goal is to help people share real-world information in their online lives.

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