Engineering Master Degrees in Europe Conference, Feb. 12-13, 2010, The Royal Military Academy, Brussels

The 2010 CLAIU -EU Conference will have as its principal focus, the structure and curriculum of Engineering Master Degree programmes in European universities. As the provisions of the Bologna Declaration become increasingly embedded both in European higher education and in many countries worldwide, it is important that we are all informed on how it is being implemented in engineering programmes.

This CLAIU -EU Conference will provide delegates with the opportunity of familiarising themselves on current developments.The CLAIU -EU Conference is organised in collaboration with the Royal Military Academy and the Association Royale des Ingénieurs Civils issus de la Faculté Polytechnique de l’Ecole Royale Militaire.


At the conclusion of the conference, participants will :
- Know and understand how Master of Engineering degree programmes have been developed in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain and Australia ;
- Receive feedback on the views of industry as articulated by the European Society for Engineers and Industrialists ;
- Know and understand the policies and procedures of the European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education ;
- Have a greater understanding of the OECD Report on a Conceptual Framework of Expected/Desired Learning Outcomes in Engineering (the “AHELO” Report).

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