What Engineers for a competitive Europe ?


The European Society for Engineers and Industrialists [SEII] organizes the international round table conference


What Engineers for a competitive Europe ?
Brussels, November 9-10, 2007

The conference will specially tackle the following topics :
  • What is the European industry expecting from Engineers ?

  • How could Higher Education prepare to meet these needs ?
The conference is aimed at all those having interest in the Engineering profession :
  • Industrial companies and their federations

  • Universities and other institutions of higher education in Engineering

  • Engineers and their representatives

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Growing fields in engineering

The 2008 edition of US News' Best Graduate Schools currently identified two hot areas of engineering for the future...

1. Environmental Engineering - It's a growing field, and engineers are needed to clean up existing pollution problems and prevent future ones.

2. Service Science, Management, and Engineering (SSME) [1] - This emerging discipline is getting a big push from industry, including IBM and Hewlett-Packard. SSME combines engineering, computer science, economics, and management to improve the service sector.

[1] Service Science, Management, and Engineering (SSME) is a term introduced by IBM to describe Services Sciences, an interdisciplinary approach to the study, design, and implementation of services systems – complex systems in which specific arrangements of people and technologies take actions that provide value for others. More precisely, SSME has been defined as the application of science, management, and engineering disciplines to tasks that one organization beneficially performs for and with another. Source : Wikipedia.

More on US News' Best Graduate Schools (2008)

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i-techpartner's mission is to join excellent European technology leaders with entrepreneurs and investors, and build value creating relationships by making technology development alliances and investments accessible and effective.

Technology transfer in Europe is overall lacking clear processes and focused execution. Support programmes try to overcome these problems by bringing researchers and entrepreneurs together, but this alone has proven to be ineffective. i-techpartner provides a pragmatic answer to Europe's significant innovation challenges. It achieves a high number and high value of investments, partnerships and entrepreneurial commitments between research projects and innovative SMEs throughout Europe, involving investors and corporate partners.

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Services Research & Innovation Initiative

As services have become a dominant economic driver, businesses, government and academia must increase service research and innovation.

Jointly founded by IBM, Oracle, the Technology Professional Services Association (TPSA), and the Service & Support Professionals Association (SSPA), the SRI Initiative is a consortium of technology companies, government agencies and universities dedicated to fostering advancements in service research.

The organization will accomplish this by raising awareness of this issue through conferences, symposia and the SRINet.com Web site – the informational hub for the effort.  Members include HP, Cisco, Microsoft, Arizona State University, University of Maryland, the European Commission and the Fraunhofer Institute.  The SRI Initiative is headquartered in the Silicon Valley.

Organizations who are interested in participating in and getting involved with the SRI Initiative should visit the Web site for more information - www.thesri.org

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The engineer in the European Union of knowledge

International seminar 9th and 10th February 2007, Brussels

Within the context of the Lisbon Summit*, this international seminar wishes to emphasize research, innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit and to demonstrate the role of the engineer in these three fields.

The seminar will provide a forum for :
- the industrial world
- institutions of higher education
- the engineering profession
- individual engineers
- who have an active interest in the added value of engineers towards the realisation of the Lisbon objectives

More details on Council of Associations of long-cycle Engineers, of a university or higher school of engineering of the European Union [CLAIU-EU]

* The main objectives of the Lisbon Summit are : reach an average economic growth of 3% and create employment for 20 million by 2010.

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