Brave New Interfaces. Individual, Social and Economic Impact of the Next Generation Interfaces

On April 26th 2007 an exclusive mixture of engineers, academic and corporate researchers, curators, artists, corporate managers from the pharma and health care sector, computer scientists and legal counselors filled the library of Namahn in Saint-Josse in Brussels, to celebrate the release of the 2nd CROSSTALKS book. ‘Brave New Interfaces’ is edited by Jan Cornelis & Marleen Wynants and published by VUBPRESS.

Brave New InterfacesThe topic of exploring existing and future interfaces and their design emerged from numerous discussions on whether some spectacular technological innovations also meant or implied something more than just technological progress. Depending on the gender and the technological literacy of the conversationalists, the answer might be yes, no, or somewhere in between.

Another drive behind this publication was the need to find a common language to discuss all things interdisciplinary. Interdisciplinarity has been a major buzzword for a couple of years, but reality proves that different descriptions, meanings and implications are tagged to it. What exactly are we talking about? Everything can be labeled interdisciplinary in our culturally diverse and quickly changing world. So we gathered key people from the European design, architectural and technology-driven worlds to reflect on the meaning of working, thinking and acting in an interdisciplinary way … and what the added value could be.

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